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AAAAA DADAC 望采纳 不懂得问我喔

both 和 are互换位置 both 和like互换位置 smarter改成smart i 改成mine you改成yours funnier 2.more friendly 3.more hardworking 4,smarter 5.lazier 6.earlier 7.harder 8.faster 9.more clearly 10. the one with shorter hair 11.singing ...

Who did order her/him name? My birthday? To be order's feeling? What did you want to something in your birthday? Do you believe in love forever? How's your recently pressure thing? What do you want to do something in the future...


同学,为你解答: 选:C We plan to increase the output of the machine (by )7.4 percent this year. 句意:我们计划今年将产量增加7点4个百分点。 注:increase+ by +percent 增加了多少百分点 increase+ to +具体数字 增加到多少 希望能帮到...

选C by oneself 亲自,独立地,独自(=on one's own) in person 亲身 in private 私下里 as individual 作为个体 句意:Morgan先生有时会暗自神伤,虽然他在公众场合会显得十分乐观。 鉴定完毕

A. What do you usually do , Alice?爱丽斯, 你通常做什么?


would catch one and another on forward childhood to reach expressed rude does write by Grown-up Both suffer indignity missed result in in whatsoever instruments boring ...boring

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