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You like clothes which are comfortable. She loves people who are intelligent. He loves music that is sweet. We prefer movies that are interesting. They prefer the food which is salty.


The book is so much fun I am excited to hear the news We are tired after the trip

His speech raised a storm of applause. 他的演讲激起一阵暴风雨似的掌声。 The invention of television have a great impact on human life. 电视机的发明给人类生活带来了巨大的影响。

1.When is your birthday?你的生日是什么时候? 2.Do you want to go to a movie?你想去看电影吗? 3.Can you play the guitar?你会弹吉他吗? 4. What time do you go to school?你几点上学? 5.My favorite subject is science.我最喜欢的科目...

approach to 接近;约等于;通往…的方法 例句:He cautiously approached the house. 他小心地走近那房子。 near to 靠近于,接近于; 例句:I am so near to the games yet so far away emotionally from those watching around lite. 我离比赛...

I am the youngest/oldest of all. He is the fattest in our class


3. Where did John Lennon die? 4.Which country won the 2002 World Cup? 5.When was the Vietnam War end? 6.Who invented the electric light bulb? 7.Who directed the Star Wars films? 8.When did the first man walk on the moon? 9.Wher...

(1)Is there anyone singing?——No,there isn't. (2)Is there a teacher walking along the street?——Yes,there is. (3)There is a girl reading a book.——Oh,yes!She is so hard. (4)There is a little boy crying.——What's happende? (5)There ...

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