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A CouplE oF DAys Ago

a couple of 两个, 几个 这是个词组,类似a lot of、lots of等。

In order to improve our English, my friend and I decide to wake up early and practice our spoken English. At first, I am so excited, I wake up before 7 o’clock, but a week passes, I find it is hard for me to wake up so early, n...


Several days ago, a remote area was struck by the flood. The flood struck a lonely region a couple of days ago. The region out of the way was hi...

I started at a new school 楼上的翻译a couple of days ago 一两天前I went to a new school 我去一间新的学校不符合原句的意思。当我第一眼When I ...


一样意思 不同说法只有在reported speech 里有分别

being towed away 是分词结构的被动语态,作宾语 a car 的补足语。

问:Because a few days ago one of my teeth was pulled out这句话有病语吗问:Because in a few days ago my teeth because of a bit of the problem was pulled out这句话有病语吗

A few days ago i was walking home from school and saw some writing on the side of a wall.

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