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Bros hoEs

bros before hoes 不要重色轻友 Choosing bros before hoes means that you don’t choose a girl or a boy over your friend. 别重色轻友是指你不要将你的女友或男友看的比朋友还重要。

只听说过hoes before bros 见色忘友,bros before hoes重友轻色 没听过bros over hoes 大概是重友轻色吧 bros 就是男性朋友(male friends) hoes就是指女生 带有歧视女性的意味

bros over hoes 兄弟在锄头

Bros before hoes unless there is not clothes 简洁的说法是 Bros before hoes

发行公司:Warner Bros.英文歌词:If your havin girl problems i feel bad for...Cash, Hoes" He's from the hood, stupid, what type of facts are those...

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