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FinD onEsElF Do sth对吗?

find oneself doing sth find oneself done find oneself in发现自己

find one's self对 意思是“找到了某人的(真实)自我”

find oneself[英][faind wʌnˈself][美][faɪnd wʌnˈsɛlf] 实现自我; 例句: 1. Shaw advised participation, to skip the references and look to find oneself reflected.

find是有这种解释的, 在这里的意思是:discover state of sb./sth.是突然意识到某人/某事处于某种状态。 find somebody/something doing something是固定用法 eg:Often he found her quietly weeping alone.她意识到自己常常独自垂泪。

Find oneself back 翻译: 找回自我

1、解释 find oneself doing something动词短语:突然发现自己不知不觉在做某事2、例句 "Tom says he hates rock music,but whenever his son plays a Rolling Stones song he finds himself singing along."汤姆说他讨厌摇滚音乐,但每当他的儿...

发现自己参与/陷入… eg:1) i find myself in the party. 2) i find myself in love.


He found himself unhappy . The mother found herself so busy .

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