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FinD onEsElF Do sth对吗?

Find oneself back 翻译: 找回自我

find oneself doing sth find oneself done find oneself in发现自己

1、解释 find oneself doing something动词短语:突然发现自己不知不觉在做某事2、例句 "Tom says he hates rock music,but whenever his son plays a Rolling Stones song he finds himself singing along."汤姆说他讨厌摇滚音乐,但每当他的儿...

一.含有ing句型: 1. carry on\keep doing 坚持做某事 2. practise doing sth. 练习做某事 3. keep sb. Doing 使某人一直做某事 4. enjoy doing 喜欢做某事 5. finish doing 完成做某事 6. be afraid of doing 害怕做某事 7. (sth)be worth doi...


find oneself[英][faind wʌnˈself][美][faɪnd wʌnˈsɛlf] 实现自我; 例句: 1. Shaw advised participation, to skip the references and look to find oneself reflected.

He found himself unhappy . The mother found herself so busy .

find是有这种解释的, 在这里的意思是:discover state of sb./sth.是突然意识到某人/某事处于某种状态。 find somebody/something doing something是固定用法 eg:Often he found her quietly weeping alone.她意识到自己常常独自垂泪。

都可译为“相信”,其后的宾语可以是sth,也可以是...in you only if you first believe in yourself. ...I believe in your ability to find solutions. 我...

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