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C 试题分析:考查分词做状语。分词做状语的关键是看动词与句子主语的关系,如果构成主动关系,使用现在分词,如果构成被动关系,使用过去分词。本题的found与Harvard构成被动关系,使用过去分词,故C正确。如果选择B项,需要加一个连词。点评:...

如果空是在popular后面,就选A 1111(一种饮料)is one of the most popular drinks, 1111是最流行的饮料之一。 one of后加可数名词复数表示“……之一”

8-11 BCBA 8. D 词义题。火山爆发时溶岩有时顺山坡流下,有时被抛向空中。9. C 词 义题。文章第二段中说到:in some places it even melts. The melted rock is called magma. 另外文章第三段中也说到:The hot magma, Or lava as让is called.....

inventer the things really less colder up find speaking though

one of xxxx 指xxxx的之一,那么xxxx一定是大于一的,所以要用复数。 例如:My brother is one of the best students. 我弟弟是最好的学生之一。

出自“One of the world's most dangerous sports is mountain climbing,and one of the most popular places for this is the Himalayas.” for this 中 this相当于 the world's most dangerous sports

小题1:B小题2:A小题3:C 5. 小题1:本题为推断题。根据第一段第一句可知,培根是在剑桥大学接受的教育,可知他受过良好的教育。本题也可用排除法选出正确答案,由短文的“one of the most important philosophers”可把A排除;由“he went to France...

填 enrich 充实,使...丰富。 这里填动词形式,rich的动词是enrich

阅读理解。 Traveling is one of the most important activities and people have been interested in it for many years. Modern traffic develops fast, so traveling to different places has become much easier than before. Staying healt...

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