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介词without用法说明: 1. 表示否定,其意为“没有”“无”“不需”。 如:He went out without his umbrella. 他外出没有带桑 I was without anyone to look after my child. 没有人替我照看孩子。 The letter had been posted without a stamp. 那封...


adv.(副词) On the outside: 在外部: a sturdy structure within and without. 内外都很坚固的结构 With something absent or lacking: 缺少:在没有或缺少…的情况下: had to do without. 没有只好作罢 prep.Abbr. w/o(介词)缩写 w/o Not ...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . want为例 不加ed为原形 加ed为过去式或过去分词

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是一对反义词 with: [ wið ] prep. 和...一起,用 例句与用法: 1. You are either with me or against me. 你不是支持我就是反对我。 2. She is friendly with them. 她对他们很友好。 3. I'm with you all the way! 我始终和你的意见一致! ...

没有with out这种说法,都是用without的。 第一个如果是without的话,翻译是对的。 - Rich people are worried about their money and how they look. 有钱人担心自己的钱还有自己老了没有。 - Poor people are worried about their families an...

名词 代词 或动词ing

可以,因为without 只是with 的否定形式

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