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you ArE Doing grEAt

答案是c 根据句意,应该是比较级,后面是单数的answer,所以前面有加不定冠词a

I hope you are doing well这句话应该是:希望你一切进行的顺利。其实这就是一句祝福的话,回答谢谢就好了。

很常用的寒暄语,告诉你一个完整的对话你就理解了: A:How are you doing today? 你今天过得怎么样? B:I'm doing great today? 我今天过得很好。 注:great在这里是副词

youaredoingsogreat? youaredoingsogreat?

Thanks for your warm greeting and the same wishes to you! 以下说正题,正事儿就可以了。

I am doing great 我做得很好 例句: 1. Good how are you? I'm doing great. 不错,你呢?我感觉棒极了.

doing :做事的进行时 great:好极了 合起来:做得好极了

Dear friend how are doing and your studies over there in your country,i hope you are doing great? I understand you and also very much happy that ...

B. Here you are.C. Sorry, I don't think ...A.Oh,great. B. That sounds boring. C. That’...10. — Would you mind doing me a favor now?...

have a great time后接doing sth. have a great time doing sth. 做某事很开心/愉快例如 We have a great time preparing our own dinner. “have a good time ”“have a difficult time”“have a hard time”等形式的词组后都跟doing sth.例如 I ha...

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